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time and money - silver Harloe

About time and money

Previous Entry time and money Jan. 4th, 2005 @ 10:47 am Next Entry
well, turns out they did turn around my other invoice already, so I'm well and duly covered for rent...

now I have to pretend I don't know that I can afford cigarettes again. Because, of course, I'm not quitting, but I can't afford them. (see how that works? if I just "quit" I can "start again", but if I can't afford them, then I can't have them at all... and after I haven't had any for a couple weeks, THEN I can quit much easier. but I can't quit now because I don't want to. but I do want to, so I am telling myself I can't afford them. a deception which is hard to pull off when I'm fully aware of it, but I'm trying).

it also turns out that time is strangely warped around me. hours go by in my head, but only a few minutes on the clock. I need to see if I can't put that to productive use, but mostly it works when I'm trying to sleep. I feel like I've slept for days and have dreams accounting for weeks worth of time, but then I wake up 2 hours later. I'm sure I've been at work for longer than usual, but actually I've only been here an hour. driving in to work was weird, too, because I discovered that I used to do a lot of smoking in my car out of sheer boredom. today, instead, I just tapped my foot and wondered what I did the first 11 years I drove to pass time in the car, because it sure is unexciting.
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Date:January 4th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)
Take spare money and collect it into a pile. Take friends who are interested in boardgaming out on a fieldtrip to Dragon's Lair. Have them look around and come to some agreement on a game that appeals.

Use pile of money to acquire game, making gaming night closer to reality!
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