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"debate" - silver Harloe

About "debate"

Previous Entry "debate" Oct. 7th, 2008 @ 07:27 pm Next Entry
while I still disagree with using the word "debate" to describe any of the formats used so far (and by "so far," I mean, "in my entire adult life where I've been paying attention to these so-called 'debates'"), anyway:

who won tonight's debate?

uh. I think they both lost. I came out of it liking them both a lot less. long winded and bickering and often ignoring the question asked. blah.

however, I must particularly disagree with one thing, Obama said, in paraphrase, "we're going to try to get Pakistan to support us against the terrorists in their country, but take Osama out if we get the chance." McCain called that "telegraphing your moves" repeatedly and condescendingly. huh? How is saying, "we will kill you if we can" a telegraph of anything useful (or even unknown)? it's like saying "we're going to get a touchdown if we can" is useful information in football (yes, I know it would be useful under certain circumstances, like a fourth down with under 20 yards or something, but the analogy here is more like announcing it a week before game start).
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