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a gaming convention - silver Harloe

About a gaming convention

Previous Entry a gaming convention Aug. 19th, 2005 @ 04:31 pm Next Entry
I went to Dragonflight in Bellevue for a few hours yesterday.

It was mostly to meet the developer of a puzzle game I find very amusing - Deadly Rooms of Death ( http://www.drod.net ). He was a very pleasant fellow and claimed to enjoy board games as well, so lexicat, I may have a new victim friend for our gaming up here.

It seemed like I should have met more people, but it turns out to be hard to end up in pickup games unless I know people. And I'm not very good at introducing myself. It should have been a good chance to expand my circle of local friends, especially gamer friends. Instead it was a great way for me to watch people who know each other socialize with each other. Mostly like me at any other party. In retrospect, I perhaps should have tried to drag lexicat, but it was kind of a last minute thing that I discovered the convention and decided to go.

However, I did get to discover that a game I've been off and on developing for about 6 years (you know the one, xacat) has been written. Sorta mostly. It's called "Attack Vector: Tactical" by Ad Astra games. They even seemed to solve the 3-D issue fairly well, which I was planning on ignoring entirely. Reading the introduction about what they were trying to accomplish was like reading a transcript of a speech I've given half a dozen times. Kinda frustrating. Though a term I developed after spending some time on a Perl library I later downloaded off of CPAN applies here: "my idea was validated by independent invention." So at least I know I'm clever, if slow.
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